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IPM / Food Bank Garden
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Integrated Pest Management Garden, currently being used by the 4H RCS Food Bank

The Integrated Pest Management /4H RCS Food Bank Garden, uses IPM principals attracting beneficial insects and promoting the use of non-pesticide solutions to garden pest problems.

A partnership between WSU 4H Youth Development, Clark County Juvenile Court and the Battle Ground School District has made this garden possible.

The garden is managed organically, meaning pesticides or herbicides are never used. In 2004, the garden program had over 1,400 hours of youth and adult participation. These individuals helped grow, maintain and harvest 4,400 pounds of fruit and vegetables which were donated to the North County Food Bank. The primary objective of this garden is to provide youth offenders a unique manner in which they can meet court requirements for accountability through community service. Youth offenders who participate in the garden project work side by side with adult volunteers toward a common goal that serves a vital community need. During this experience youth learn and practice important life skills including communication, teamwork, self-motivation, problem solving and cooperation. The youth also learn about natural systems, where food comes from, and how it is grown and harvested. This project is based on the philosophy that youth offenders who feel part of their community are less likely to re-offend. The garden provides a place to be physically active in a safe, fun and educational environment. For more information call (360) 397-6060 Ext. 7708 or e-mail:

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